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Starter Websites

from $900

Professional Websites

from $1,800

eCommerce Websites

from $3,600

Free 2 Years Domain Registration

.com, .com.au or most other extensions.

Free 1 Year Website/Email Hosting

100mb disk space, 1gb traffic per month.

Content Management System

Allows you to update your website quickly and easily. See features...

Limited to 5 x Pages

Unlimited Pages + Blog Posts + Image Galleries

Unlimited Pages + Blog Posts + Image Galleries

Website Skin Design

Choose from our Website Template ranges

Standard Range

We'll insert your logo and change the colour scheme to match your branding.

view range

Premium Range

Our designer will incorporate your logo and colour scheme to match your branding.

view range

Premium Range with Customisations

We'll customise your chosen template to include the category listing and shopping cart summary.

view range

Custom Header Banners

Our graphic artist will create custom banners for the header of your website. You may have them rotate or have a different one for each page.

1 Only

Up to 6

Up to 6

Responsive Design

All designs are responsive, meaning they can be easily read on any size screen.

Menu Setup

We will set up your main menu and footer menu navigation.

Content Layout & Optimisation

We'll load your initial content using standard HTML/CSS with text and images supplied by client and optimised for search engines.

Up to 5 x Pages

Up to 10 x Pages/Blog Posts/Image Galleries

Up to 15 x Pages/Blog Posts/Image Galleries

Free Stock Images

Up to 5 stock images from our own library or Shutterstock.

Up to 5

Up to 10

Up to 15

Site Setup

Let us take care of launching your website.

Site Map Generation

We will generate a XML site map used by search engines to index your website.

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your site map to the major search engines for indexing.

Search Engine Friendly

HTML output from the system is optimised for search engines.

RSS Feed

Visitors can subscribe and be notified when information changes on your website.

Statistics & Reports

See where your customers are coming from and what keywords they are using to find you.

Automatic Upgrades

Always stay up to date with the latest changes to the website management tools.

System Training

Our staff will train you on how to manage and get the most out of your website.

System Support

It doesn't end there, we will continue to support you on the website management tools.

24x7 Priority Emergency Support

If you website goes down or you can't get that email thru, we are on call 24/7.

Drop-down Menus

Menus that drop-down from main navigation styled to suit site.

Header Image Slide Show

We can convert your header image into a slideshow of images.

Blog Template Design

A template designed to list your blog posts by category, tag, month or author and a detail view where readers can leave comments or rate your post.

Blog Directory Submission

When your post is published it is submitted to many blogging directories affectively increasing your search engine visibility.

Image Galleries Template Design

A template designed to list your image galleries by category, tag, month or author and a detail view where readers view the images, leave comments or rate your gallery.

Testimonial List Template Design

A template designed to list your testimonials.

Social Media Links

Icons linked to your facebook, twitter and other social pages.

Sharing to Social Media

Visitors can share your pages/blog posts on their social pages.

Favourites Icon

An icon for your website which is displayed in the address bar or when bookmarked.

Product Catalogue System

Unlimited products and categories, specials, bulk buy discounts, product specific options such as colour, size, etc., multi image / file attachments and much more...

Product Listing Template Design

A layout design to list your products for the visitor to browse via your chosen categories.

Product Details Template Design with Gallery

We'll design a detail view for your products including a photo gallery.

Product Reviews

Allow customers to review select products and their comments shown in detail view.

Product Ratings

Allow customers to rate select products with the overall result shown in a 5 star rating.

Order Management System

Take orders and payments for those products with all the info about the customer, order and payment stored in the database. Read more...

Simplified Checkout Process

Simplified order process customised to suit your type of client.

Promotions or Coupons

Increase sales with promotional or coupon codes. Customers enter a code at checkout to get discounts.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Setup multiple delivery methods your customers can choose from.

Multiple Payment Methods

COD, Cheque in Post, Direct Deposit, PayPal or Credit Card.

Free 1 Year SSL Certificate

We'll register and setup the SSL which will make your website secure for taking orders and payments.

Email Marketing System

Collect email addresses from your site, send targeted email campaigns out quickly and affordably and track who opened and who clicked on what links – see more features.

Premium Email Skin Design

We will design an email skin to match your premium website skin. This will be used in communication with your clients i.e. invoices sent.


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