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Most online businesses incorporate numerous components into their websites. Components such as newsletter databases, shopping carts booking systems and more. Our partner, Inology, has developed and built from the ground up, a self management component system that integrates seamlessly into your website. And unlike many off the shelf components, Inology’s component systems are fully integrated and as simple to use as a word processor. And our components are continuously evolving with improved innovations and technology, which is passed on to our clients.

We have a range of website tools that can help your business perform better using technology. Below is a list of the components we have available to add to your website:

everything needed to grow
your online business

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Product Catalogue SystemProduct Catalogue System

This online product database makes it possible to display your products in catalogue fashion, manage inventory and shipping, as well as take payments in real-time. See the full list of Product Catalogue System Features.

Content Management SystemContent Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System is web-based software that allows you to update your own website quickly and easily with no programming knowledge necessary. See the full list of Content Management System Features.

Email Marketing SystemEmail Marketing

Collect email addresses and get your newsletter campaign out the door quickly and affordably. This system provides you with time saving, easy to use tools including tracking. See the full list of Email Marketing System Features.

Order Management SystemOrder Management System

Add the order management system to your website so that you can take credit card payments for products, event bookings, membership subscriptions, etc. See the full list of Order Management System Features.

Service Booking SystemService Booking System

Manage and display your services such as classes, events, etc. easily using the Service Booking System. Your customers can book and pay for your upcoming services via your website. See the full list of Service Booking System Features.

Membership Management SystemMembership Management System

If your business requires a customer or member database, our system allows your contacts to self subscribe and add/edit their details and provides secure info via login. See the full list of Membership Management System Features.

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